In a scenario where competition is increasingly strong, optimising company performance has become vital to guarantee success on the market.

Every company is now aware that sharpening their competitive edge means cutting errors and inefficiencies to a minimum, taking prompt action to tackle the causes of slowdown and guaranteeing added value for every activity.

In short, being more competitive means intervening on individual company processes, re-designing them, fine-tuning them, making them smoother, automating them where possible, monitoring and assessing them at all times.

«T-Control» does all this, providing an IT solution devised to respond to the need to design, monitor and optimise company processes.

Business Process Re-Engineering projects make it possible to identify actions aimed at improving processes.

T-Control becomes a tool to implement these actions, allowing companies to "design" processes and control their execution, measuring KPIs in real time (in detail as well as in aggregate form!) and comparing them with benchmark values.
Lastly, it identifies and promptly notifies divergences.

T-CONTROL, the Business Intelligence solution proposed by Akili Lab, is a highly innovative management configuration able to:

  • Automate many of the process stages
  • Operate "crosswise" processes following their execution step by step
  • Check process efficiency right during their performances
  • Identity and resolve delays and inefficiencies
  • Monitor and register performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Provide immediate action tools in case of problems or slowdowns

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The system aggregates data sources

Using robotics systems, it connects with the company’s IT systems, acquiring the data present. If the data required cannot be picked up from the IT systems, T-Control acquires them using an appropriate software module.

T-Control works in real time

And allows for immediate intervention on the causes of slowdowns or criticalities (using the same process control approach as for industrial systems), obviously depending on the frequency with which data are updated.

Reports and Dashboards

The solution is also able to produce summary and detailed reports with statistics showing where most inefficiencies are concentrated and where “bottlenecks” occur, as well as any activities that are superfluous or devoid of added value.


The reports, presented with agreeable, immediately clear graphic content, are organised according to a hierarchy that makes it possible to focus information depending on the level of responsibility and the amount of detail required.