Electronic Invoicing and Electronic document storage: new rules push towards the spread of digitalisation.

Electronic invoicing to public administrations and private companies allows for amazing cost savings.

Electronic document storage
Conservazione a Norma is the technology adopted in Italy to make digital documents electronically storable.

Digital documents versus paper: who wins?

Electronic invoicing and legal conservation: A WINNING COMBINATION!

Companies have two ways of dealing with the introduction of the new rules:

  • put up with them as additional costs and complications
  • understand their purpose for introducing organisational improvements and substantial savings

The electronic invoice, mandatory only to PAs for now, must be stored in electronic format only. The logical consequence of the introduction of electronic invoice storage is the electronic storage of all documents with fiscal value.

It is estimated that the complete digital management of an invoice may lead to savings of as much as 60-80%*.

24 EUR (estimated cost of paper invoice management) x 2.8 billion (invoices issued each year in Italy) = 30 billion a year. About 4.3% of GDP**..

* (depending on the commodity sector, study conducted by the '"Observatory on electronic invoicing and dematerialization" of the Polytechnic University of Milan).
** source CNELIl

ELECTRONIC INVOICING TO PAs is a legal requirement
(Regulation on electronic invoice n. 22/05/2013).

Electronic invoicing means that the invoice can NEVER be processed in hardcopy format.
It must be produced using business management software and automatically addressed towards a procedure contemplating several technical steps clearly specified by the new set of rules.
Electronic invoicing TO PRIVATE COMPANIES is not yet a legal requirement, but it will soon be mandatory.
Introducing or extending electronic invoicing to customers is a great opportunity for "cost saving".

In Italy, private companies have been able to adopt electronic invoicing since 2004 (DMEF no. 52 of 20/02/2004 and related explanatory Circular by the Inland Revenue Authority no. 45 / E of 10.19.2005)."

AKILI LAB’s professional advice

AKIWEB Service and AKIWEB Premise, two different approaches, a single platform to manage document processes while complying with fiscal regulations:

Legal Conservation

Digital Invoicing:

  • FePA, digital invoicing to PAs
  • FePRI, digital invoicing to private companies

AKIWEB Premiseis the unique «module» easily integrated with the management systems and/or document systems already installed, able to automatically manage invoices and other documents alongside these processes.