In Italy, it is estimated that we waste about 50 billion paper sheets and 10 billion working hours every year just for filing documents.

Yet digital technologies are easily available and their implementation is simple.


Eliminate Paper Filing: Store Documents As You Scan Them

Replacing traditional paper storage with digital storage is the most advanced and "intelligent" way to manage documents within your organisation. It means having a single central "container" to collect paper and digital documents during the transition and storage stage.

The document itself will then carry its own search elements so it can easily be "tracked", according to its storage criteria, by different individual users and departments. In this way, each individual document will be stored once only and will be easily connected to all the consistent ones (quick management of the entire procedure).

Each user can access the digital archive, but access keys are appropriately differentiated.

  • Customized document solutions
  • Software developed by the German multinational Docuware
  • Reliability
  • Quality of the solutions
  • Continuous innovation.